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Application of Economic Anthropology

In six pages patterns of subsistence that existed among the European colonists and the Native Americans are subjected to an econom...

An Ecological Perspective of Medical Anthropology

This paper examines the arguments presented in this book by Ann McElroy and Patricia Townsend. This three page paper has no addit...

An Overview of Forensic Anthropology

This paper discusses the field of forensic anthropology. The author addresses occupational requirements, investigations, cooperat...

Homosexual Observations and Social Anthropology

In three pages this paper discusses social anthropology from a homosexual context in a consideration of the New York Greenwich Vil...

Art, Religion, and Cultural Anthropology

In seven pages this paper considers how cultural anthropology is influenced by religion and art with the argument presented that e...

Importance of the Sex of the Anthropologist of Ethnography

[i:d763929e91]What importance may the sex of the anthropologist have on the ethnographic process?[/i:d763929e91] There are many...

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ihatesuchin Published on 07/05/2004 5387 Reads Anthropology

Ways in Which Race & Ethnicity Relate to Culture

Examining the ideas and beliefs within ones own cultural context is central to the study of Anthropology. Issues of Race and Ethni...

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Anonymous Published on 02/06/2005 16894 Reads Anthropology

Anthropology Fossil Determination, Explanation, and Analysis

Anthropology 2- EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENT STATION 1: Fossil 1 displays characteristics of Australopithecus aethiopicus of West ...

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Anonymous Published on 04/24/2005 5884 Reads Anthropology

Essay from Anthropology Examination

Essay from Anthropology Examination Archaeology is a similar job to anthropology. Both study the various different cultures thr...

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Anonymous Published on 07/17/2006 3882 Reads Anthropology

Anthropology of Neandrethals

Anthropology of Neandrethals Personally, I think that I am a Neanderthal. Of course, we all know that that is almost impossib...

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sls465 Published on 04/18/2007 3801 Reads Anthropology