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Acid Rain: Formation, Effects, Causes and Prevention

[size=13:040f63329a]Acid rain occurs when polluting gases get into the rain, causing it to become more acidic. Acid rain is destroying more of our natural resources and man-made structures everyday. It pollutes our air and water, even prevents the growth of plants. This report aims to tell you about the formation, effects, causes and prevention of acid rainfalls.[/size:040f63329a]

Acid rain is formed by dust particles and pollution gases which can dissolve into water vapor and become rain.

Acid Rain’s Forms
Although it is called acid rain, acid rain also comes in other forms. It is also known as acid deposition, and comes in the forms of rain, fog, snow, gases and dust. Egypt has recently been attacked by ‘dry’ acid rain that is destroying the ancient buildings there.

Naturally caused Acid Rain
Sometimes when volcanoes erupt they release Sulphur Dioxides (SO2) and Nitrogen compounds. These can create what is called natural acid rain. Natural acid rain is as destructive as industrial created acid rain, but less common.

Industrial caused Acid Rain
Acid rain is most commonly caused by the burning of fossil fuels, which lets off Sulphur Dioxides (SO2) and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). This is the most common version of acid rain.

If the air is dry, acid rain can travel large distances to places that don’t even use fossil fuels. When the acid rain cloud comes in contact with damp or moist air, it will then fall, destroying much in its path.

Effects on Plants, Animals and Water
Acid rain kills the nutrients in the soil, so plants stop growing. For some animals this is bad because they eat the plants, and they then can’t eat them. This causes the animals to die. Water is also polluted by acid rain, causing a lack of clean water.

Prevention and Neutralization
Controlling the amount of Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide used by humans is on the way to start preventing acid rain. Of course, we cannot stop natural acid precipitation as it is caused by things out of human control.

Believe it or not, bush fires are actually good for something. The ash released from the fires actually neutralizes acid rain, so it is an effective base.

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Acid Rain: Formation, Effects, Causes and Prevention

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