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Analysis of " Journey to the Center of the Earth"

Analysis of " Journey to the Center of the Earth"

Have you ever wondered what is inside the Earth? Do you believe all the scientific theories such as Plate Tectonics? This book, Journey to the Center of the Earth by the legendary author Jules Verne, will challenge your general knowledge and make you question what scientists believe fills our Earth. Verne completes a masterpiece with this book, which is a mix of scientific fact as well as remarkable adventure!

The story commences in Germany, where Professor Hardwigg discovers a coded message on a piece of parchment. He strives to solve the riddle and is unsuccessful until his helpful nephew Harry figures out the secret to the manuscript. The message tells of a glorious tale of a Mr. Saknussemm who claims to have been to the centre of the Earth! Professor Hardwigg is overjoyed by his discovery, and immediately decides to embark on this dangerous and seemingly impossible journey.

Harry is resistant but is somehow convinced to accompany his uncle on the trek. The two men travel by ship to Iceland where they meet up with a quiet, but worthy guide who will accompany them on their excursion. The company hikes to a tall mountain, in a deserted area of Iceland, which is supposedly an extinct volcano. They descend into the mountain, despite Harry’s cries about the expected temperature inside the volcano and, further more, the temperature in the center of the Earth.

The three brave men scale the many-mile-deep crater and eventually come to solid ground. They rest and get ready to enter a crevasse which should, by Saknussemm’s instructions, lead them deeper into the Earth. One of the instructions was to enter the crevasse that is covered in the shade of the mountain on one of the last days of July. Unfortunately, the men must wait almost a week before they find which crevasse is the right one to enter. Finally they enter the crevasse, but not without suffering losses in their food count.

Inside the mountain they continue downwards, but often stumble upon slopes more horizontal that vertical. This leads Harry to wonder if they are actually descending towards the center of the Earth. With the ingenious tools that the professor had brought they can tell the temperature, barometric pressure, and other important statistics...

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Analysis of " Journey to the Center of the Earth"

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