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Analysis of Lyrics in Contemporary Music

Analysis of Lyrics in Contemporary Music

Today there is more variety in music than ever. There is a different style for everyone no matter where you’re from or how long you have been around. Music is very influential in our society. It can help pick people up out of a depression or it can persuade a person to go into a school and kill a bunch of people. You have the freedom to listen to whatever you want. I like heavy metal and hard rock. I listen to Slipknot that sings about death, destruction, and hate. I listen to P.O.D. (Payable on Death) that sing songs with Christian themes. I also listen to Rage Against the Machine that sing about the persecution and unfair treatment of people in third world countries.

I like to listen to Slipknot when I’m mad or when I want to get pumped up. One song I like is called Surfacing. This song is about the hatred that is coming out of the author. The chorus goes like this “F*** it all! F*** this world! F*** everything that you stand for! Don’t belong! Don’t exist! Don’t give a s***! Don’t ever judge me!” This is straight forward and to the point and that is why it is so popular among teens.

I have been a huge fan of P.O.D. for a long time before they became a popular main stream band. They are a good band to listen to when I’m in a good mood or I want to get into a good mood. One song that means a lot to me is called Tribal. The part I like is “We ain’t done till this battle has been fought and won. The victory, how sweet it be, is already ours. Holding the stars, is the man that carries my scars. Always the same, I wear his name with now shame. Here is this Battle Cry, we will never die.” I believe every word of this.

Rage Against the Machine is a very popular band. Zack de la Rocha, lead singer and lead guitar, just recently quit the band. He is arguably the best guitar player of this era. One of my favorite songs is “Guerrilla Radio”. The intro starts out like...

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Analysis of Lyrics in Contemporary Music

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