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Anarchy and Other Themes of Waiting for Godot

Anarchy and Other Themes of "Waiting for Godot"

“We’re headed for collapse, if you want my opinion, Missy. I can see it in the fallin’ off of the quality of vagrants. There was a time you could find real good company in almost any jungle you’d pick, men who could talk, men who’d read a book now and then; and now, what do you find, a lot of dirty little guttersnipes no decent tramp would want to associate with.
Well, it’s been that way all through history.”

John Dos Passos

In Kosovska Mitrovica during February 2001, the city library, after 130 years of work no longer exists. More than 11 thousand books in Serbian language were destroyed, recycled as old paper at the Factory of Waste Paper in Vladicin Han. Any books regardless of language with topics related to Serbian culture were not spared. Luckily by pure chance, the last bundle to be thrown into the melting pot fell apart saving around a thousand books. It is alleged that the present director Mr. Harjrullah Mustafa, who is an ethnic Albanian is responsible for the destruction of the books in an attempt to eradicate the Serbian culture. This is evidence supporting that the destruction of cultures continues today. We have seen the effects of civilization’s deterioration in the West. With the collapse of values, what remains is a mass of hollow men falling away from articulation into the abyss of uncertainty. Christian traditions of 1900 years has dissolved into nothing. Values that once determined behaviour, motivated the weak to be strong, and encouraged right from wrong have become nonexistent. Men lack activity; conversations are bleak; time stands still. Without a center to provide a strong foundation, things fall apart. Without a God and pronounced values, cultures collapse. Total collapse into meaninglessness would never be conceived as a possibility of a creature made in His image. Values that once flowed from the heaven’s now flow barren with no chance of revival. Heaven will not direct no more. With the collapse of values mere anarchy is loosed upon the world. The truth of this predicament is clearly illustrated in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot. The author presents this collapse by his characters lack of activity, absurd and meaningless conversations, and their treatment of time.

The collapse of values is expressed by the inactivity of the characters in Waiting for...

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Anarchy and Other Themes of Waiting for Godot

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