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Anger Meets Innocence

Anger Meets Innocence

I have known these two characters for a little more than four years now and never once have I seen a straight face. These two are always making jokes or making fun of each other. The person in the black long sleeve sweater with a silver chain necklace over hanging his shirt is one of my best friends named Justin. The person in the white long sleeve sweater with his sleeves rolled up and his Rolex watch on his wrist is one or my best friends named James. This photograph was taken last year when Justin and I were in Construction technology at school and we had to do a project that had to do with fooling around with taking pictures. We took pictures of everything from cups to shoelaces to people to bricks on the school wall. When the film was developed, we had noticed that all the pictures we had taken were in black and white, these were not our intensions. This photo that you are looking at stood out the most. Never before had I ever seen the two of them not smiling or even grinning. For once, they tried to look intimidating but yet in a fashionable way. My first reaction was GAP. This looks like this picture could be in a Gap advertisement (Gap is a named brand of new style clothing). Justin looks at me in a funny was and bursts out in laughter for a good five minutes. When he stopped laughing, I exclaimed that I was serious. Just gaze into the photograph then you’ll be able to see the creation of Justin and James form the funny Adam Sandler into the attitude of a stressed out teacher. If you ever had the chance to meet these two comedies acts, you’ll know what I mean when I compare them to Adam Sandler. When I told James and Justin that I was going to send in this picture to the Gap main offices as usual the made a joke out of it and pretended as if it was a good idea. What ever they said to anyone was extremely sarcastic all the time.

When I called up the Gap head office in Toronto I spoke the head of advertisements and told him about this picture that I thought would be perfect for an advertisement for gap. The man simply said put...

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Anger Meets Innocence

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