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Art Analysis of the Piece Night Watch

Uploaded by spootyhead on Apr 08, 2007

Art Analysis of the Piece "Night Watch"

Night Watch was one of the pictures that really caught my eye. This was very interesting to me because it told me a story right when I looked at it. It was very realistic to me. I felt apart of the picture. As if I could almost have grabbed the coat and put it on. This is amazing to me how a human can draw something so real looking. I am starting to look at art in a whole different perspective. I actually try and figure out what the artist is trying to tell the observer. When I walk by a picture I wonder what was on the artists mind, what the artist is like and how he wants me to view his picture. I never would do this before I took this class.

In my picture I choose, I see many different things. I see a white fire hat that said number 5 on it and also CFD was printed on it. This was the first object that I saw when I looked at the drawing. I knew the man who wore this uniform was important because it was a captain’s hat. It said captain on the front of the hat. It appears to be in good condition but an older item. I bet the man used it a lot but tried to keep it in good condition. There is a black pair of boots sitting upright on the floor. The man is fairly large in size because the boots are pretty big. They also look old but in ok condition. These look like they weren’t just thrown down on the floor, there nicely placed side by side in an orderly fashion. The man must have been neat and organized. I say man because most firefighters were and are men and that’s just what I picture. The fire jacket, which is neatly draped over the back of a wooden chair in fairly good condition, is very bright and clean. The hat sits upon this jacket of hard work. I know since this man is older and a captain that this jacket has been through a lot of hard work because its not easy being a firefighter. There are red suspenders hanging off the chair. These also look pretty worn and large. They don’t fit in as well...

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Uploaded by:   spootyhead

Date:   04/08/2007

Category:   Art and Music

Length:   6 pages (1,368 words)

Views:   6375

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Art Analysis of the Piece Night Watch

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