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Australia History (Federation)

Uploaded by Jd-Lodzy22 on Apr 04, 2008

Topic Question-
Was Australia a working man’s paradise during the period 1901-1914?
Include in your answer an analysis of the Sunshine Harvester Case 1907 and its significance.

Resource Number 1

Where did the resource come from?

The resource that I have chosen first is a chapter concerning the Living and Working conditions of Australia between the period 1901-1914 founded in the School History Textbook “Retro Active 2”.

How closely does your resource relate to the topic question?

“Retro Active 2” relates largely towards the topic question. This text book shows detailed information concerning the working conditions of the Australian worker during the time period 1901-1914. This chapter goes into detail about the working conditions supplying information about factory work, wage, child labour, woman servants and unsafe work place for example.

How much information does your resource provide?

The text book “Retro Active 2” shows how people were treated in factories. What types of jobs were done and there conditions that they have to go through every work day. The long hours they sent only to receive little pay. The safety of each worker and how dangerous some jobs were when they are simple today. Child labour and how they were treated and payed when they worked.

Resource Number 2

Where did the resource come from?

My second chosen resource concerning the topic question is an internet web page displaying text about the Sunshine Harvester Case in 1907.

How closely does your resource relate to the topic question?

This website resource relate towards the question with flying colours. This resource displays appropriate information concerning the Sunshine Harvester Case in 1907. The purpose and outcome are clearly displayed throughout the text. Dates are expressed where necessary.

How much information does your resource provide?

This website provides information concerning the Sunshine Harvester Case in 1907. The usefulness of this website shows a case where the workers one a right, the right of a fair and reasonable wage. This case was regarded as a benchmark in Australia industrial law. It shows how H. V. McKay was forced to pay all his workers are fair wage enough to support a family. This demand was told by H. B. Higgins.

Resource Number 3

Where did the resource come from?

This resource has been founded by the internet once again. This informative website consists of information expressing the conditions of Australia’s work place in the period 1901-1914. The website shows information concerning why the...

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Uploaded by:   Jd-Lodzy22

Date:   04/04/2008

Category:   Business

Length:   4 pages (804 words)

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