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Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

Martin Luther King Jr. Biography and Research Paper

In his life, Martin Luther King Jr. accomplished many amazing things for the African-Americans in the United States and all over the world. He helped spread freedom and democracy throughout the world, even though he primarily concentrated on the well-being of the United States. Through all of the tough decisions he had to make, and all of the situations he had to overcome, Dr. King stuck to his morals and ethics.

Martin Luther King Jr. was born January 15, 1929 into a middle class family in Atlanta Georgia. He was the son of a minister and was very intelligent. He entered high school at age 13.

In the 11th grade, he entered an oratorical contest sponsored by the Negro Elks in a distant Georgia town. Martin jr. spoke on "The Negro and the Constitution" and one a prize for his speech. On the way back to Atlanta, he and his teacher reviewed the exciting events of the day. Presently the bus stopped and some whites got on. There were no seats left so the bus driver ordered Martin and his teacher to get up and stand. King refused to budge. The driver threatened him and called him a "black son-of-a-bitch," until at last he heeded his teacher's whispers and he got out of his seat. For the rest of the trip home, he and his teacher were jostled around as the bus traveled down the highway. King later said, "It was the angriest I have ever been in my life."

After the 11th grade, King left high school and went to Morehouse college which was accepting exceptional high school juniors to fill its depleted ranks because of the world war. He was only 15 when he enrolled. King graduated in the spring of 1948 at age 19. He elected to then attend the Crozer Seminary in Pennsylvania. After four years at Crozer, he decide to attend the prestigious School of Theology at Boston University. It was here that King would get his PhD., meet his future wife, Corretta Scott, and learn the ways of Ghandi.

Martin read all that he could about Ghandi and he was very impressed by Ghandi's ways and his success. Ghandi believed in peaceful protest and Dr. King also though that this would be effective. After receiving his PhD, many churches expressed interest in having Dr. King become their head minister.

Dr. King...

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Biography of Martin Luther King Jr. Essay

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