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Cause and Effect of Capital Punishment

A Murderer in Jail
When a murderer goes to jail and he is already sentenced a life-time in jail what exactly goes through his mind? Do they regret things they have done in the past, or maybe they would never have done anything differently and just wish they never got caught. Since they have a life-time in jail maybe they think that they have nothing to lose so they might kill another in prison. What exactly goes through the minds of these twisted murderers? Whatever goes through their head, we can only wonder when the next time they are going to take away a innocent life. The main problems with keeping a killer alive in prison is they have nothing to lose if they have a lifetime in jail, their mental state is not stable, and the prison guard to prisoner ratio is significantly different.
In the minds of these murderers, in most cases than not, they are thinking about the next victim that will fall into their trap. Maybe they want to get back at the officers for catching them in the first place and will kill a prison guard. The guards never know what the prisoners will do next. Maybe they think they have nothing to lose but to kill another cellmate, or maybe their mental state is never going to change. They think that it is alright to kill five people then they are most definitely sick in the mind. The prison guard to prisoner ratio is a big difference and prisoners could take on the prison guards if they had others join with them.
In the summer of 1999, New York opened a state-of-the-art jail which made seventy jails that were in New York. This prison was built for the aggressive prisoners who rebelled everywhere else. They would leave the prisoners in their cell alone for 23 hours out of the day never seeing a classroom or the cafeteria. Sometimes the guards switched it up and put two cell mates together in a cell for 23 hours. Well this had made Donnell Brunson go to the extent he had gone. It was May 12, 1999 at 2:45 a.m. and Brunson was reading in his cell with his bunkmate, Jose Quintana who was charged for killing another man. Quintana asked for Brunson to turn off his light but Brunson did not and kept the light...

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Cause and Effect of Capital Punishment

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