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Cellphones Should be Alloewd In class

Uploaded by KnifeStrikeTV on Mar 14, 2017

Cell Phones Should be Allowed in Class:
Raise your hand if you have a cell phone. *raises hand* With the advanced technology present in our society, cell phones are important and must be taken advantage of in the educational aspect. Teachers, students, invited guests I am here to persuade opposers of the use of cellphones during class that when used correctly cell phones are extremely beneficial. I feel that we need the developed technology that cell phones provide in the classroom because they allow students to contact their parents if necessary, they provide excellent resources for learning, and they encourage students to explore the educational areas cell phones provide. If we continue to not allow cell phone use in school, then parents may be unable to reach their children in the event of a real emergency.
To begin, cell phones allow students to contact their parents if needed. Cell phones allow students to call home if they forget an assignment, lunch, or money. Many parents install a phone tracker on their child’s device and take comfort in knowing their whereabouts before, during, and after school. Allowing cell phones in class causes parents to feel more relaxed because they know that their child can contact them in case of an emergency. Some opponents of cell phone use during class may think that students will pretend like they are texting a parent but in reality they are texting friends. However, if there are consequences for misusing your phone in class students will learn to understand and respect the rules set that allow for this privilege to be in place.
Next, cellphones can provide many great learning resources and helpful tools for the benefit of the student’s education. The calendar and alarm applications provided allow students to document their homework and set reminders for when they get home. The calculator makes subjects such as math and science faster and the camera app allows students to take pictures of the board in case they did not have enough time to copy down all the notes during class. There are many excellent online learning websites that may help students to help advance their education or better understand a confusing subject. Some opponents of this topic claim that young students will be tempted to cheat because it will be easy with of the resources a cellphone provides. The solution is simple, by making students turn in their phones...

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Uploaded by:   KnifeStrikeTV

Date:   03/14/2017

Category:   Speeches

Length:   3 pages (589 words)

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Cellphones Should be Alloewd In class

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