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Character Development of Shakespear's Romeo

Many characters develop and change aspects or their entire personality during the course of a story. While it is rare for a complete change, a partial change almost always occurs. Whether it is an opinion or a characteristic something will change. In Romeo and Juliet, Romeo's thoughts on love, outlook on life, and a few characteristics all change. Each for a reason only Romeo and the reader truly knows.

One way Romeo changed was how his outlook on life changed. He, while in love with Rosaline, felt that life wasn't worth living without her. He also felt depressed about living without her and hid in his room all the time which we can see when Benvolio talks to Romeo and Montague after the first fight. After he fell in love with Juliet, he became very positive about life, wanting too see her every moment he could which he easily displayed when he was talking to her on her balcony, not wanting to leave.

Another way Romeo changed is how he felt while in love. Romeo was depressed and felt love was bitter sweet, meaning that love was wonderful, because he loved someone, yet horrible because he couldn™t get Rosaline while in love with her. He revealed this to Benvolio to seek comfort. Yet when he revealed to the nurse and to Friar Laurence, his feelings about being in love with Juliet, he thought love was wonderful. He told the friar that there was no love like his for Juliet and that he had to be with her. His mood changed form being depressed and vulnerable, to confident and exceedingly happy. This could have been because he actually got the girl he wanted and became enthusiastic about love, or her just knew she was the girl for him.

A third way Romeo developed was he lost his hatred for the Capulets. This is a great achievement for someone to make. To lose a hate that great had to take something of great proportion, just like Romeo and Juliet's wedding. Due to their wedding Romeo forced himself to lose his hatred for and even love, as a relative should have in that day, all the Capulets. Even the despicable Tybalt, who he showed his love for by ignoring Tybalt's insults and ignored Tybalt trying to instigate a fight. This was right before the scene where Tybalt and Mercutio die. This was also what...

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Character Development of Shakespear's Romeo

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