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Child Pornography Press Release

Child Pornography Press Release

I am Nancy Cohen, wife of Ivan Cohen, who was charged and convicted of possession and distribution of Child Pornography.

Last week, Radio, TV and the newspapers stated the court of Appeal decision to uphold the conviction, but, to reduce the sentence from 14 months in jail, to 14 months of house arrest.

After 4 years of silence, I, my husband and our children want our side of the story told. This won’t change what has happened, but, as a family, we want the community to know the facts that were never told.

In July of 1997, and during the raid of our house, over 1,200 floppy diskettes were seized, along with all our computer equipment, hard drives, CDs, printers, right down to power bars, as well as our VCR, video tapes, and the like. Not one image of child pornography was found in our home, or in any of the seized material. The computer hard drives were sent to the RCMP forensic labs in Ottawa, where they were dissected in minute detail, and we have since learned, they can find material on a hard drive long after it’s been deleted by a user. They reported no images found.

What was shown in court was images received by an undercover police officer, and they say they can prove the sender to be Ivan. They said it was Ivan, because the ISP address, the information the computer uses as an electronic street address, was the same. As an analogy, this would be like sending a letter through the mail, but, putting someone else’s return address on the back.

So, where did we go wrong?

Our original Defense council could never persuade the fact that anyone, anywhere, can send anything through someone else’s computer and make it appear to be you. Our original Defense council never used the services of a computer expert, since we were told it would be too much trouble to gather the necessary background papers on the expert to present to the court to validate the expert status.

Our second lawyer, handling our appeal, Lawrence Greenspon, stated as he read the transcripts that this trial was a witch hunt, and Ivan never had a chance. It was only during the appeal hearing that we realized how wrong this had gone. Since the original lawyer handling our...

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Child Pornography Press Release

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