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Critical Analysis of 12 Angry Men

Critical Analysis of 12 Angry Men

In it always good to stand up to adversity and tell the truth? Should you always have the courage to stand up and do the right thing? Well I believe it is, someone’s life may depend on your courage to tell the truth as it did in the play 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose. I have always come to find that telling the truth is always to go. You can never lose by telling the truth, I hope to prove this to you.

In this play a boy’s life was solely on the shoulders of 12 jurors. In the jury room 11 men vote guilty but one man juror no. 8 voted not guilty. Eight states “he’s not guilty until he’s guilty” (14). This was the truth and he had the courage to stand up against 11 angry men for the truth and in the end it saved an innocent life.

If juror no. 8 wouldn’t have told the truth a young man’s life would have been gone. However the jurors would have gotten out of there a lot quicker You see telling the truth saves lives in some cases. Three and ten were very intimidating people, in the play they were stuck on the idea of guilty, they weren’t very logical thinkers. All’s they believe is that a kid from the slum is definitely a killer.

There are many reasons to stand up and tell the truth. First you feel a lot better. Second it may save lives. Third if you keep lying you will get caught up in a web of lies. Finally you will be trusted a lot more, also it’s very respectful.

So in conclusion to this wonderful essay I would like to add a few things. First if you read this essay you should be convinced that the truth is the way to go. Finally, a little away from the topic, one man can make a difference if he has courage.

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Critical Analysis of 12 Angry Men

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