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Critical Decisions Faced by FDR in Entering World War II

Critical Decisions Faced by FDR in Entering World War II
In preparation for the United States’ entrance into World War II, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made wise decisions in many critical situations and displayed great leadership qualities in rising to the defense of democracy. President Roosevelt shows by his dealings throughout 1941 that he is ready and willing to lead the United States into war. He was asked to make many crucial decisions throughout the years preceding the war, and he proved himself to be wise in all of his choices. Roosevelt knew of the trouble to the West, but kept the United States out of the war while he prepared our nation to fight. President Roosevelt promised United States aid to U.S.S.R. two days after German’s first invasion of the Soviet Union in late June of 1941 (Taylor). He began to plan and to establish allies throughout the nations of Europe. He saw the war not only as an inevitable crisis, but also as a way to supply jobs to the millions of Americans still being affected by the Great Depression. On July 21, Roosevelt sent a special message to Congress in which he urged an extension of one-year military training by selectees. President Roosevelt increased our military power to destroy Nazi Germany while creating jobs for those in the service as well as in arms production and war materials in factories across the nation. Roosevelt issued an executive order prohibiting transactions in United States credits and assets by Japan and China. This order immediately halted the shipment of U.S. scrap iron and gasoline to Japan. Franklin Roosevelt approached the relations between Japan and the U.S. with hesitation, and timely cut off trades with the country.

President Roosevelt demonstrated his character well and proved himself to be a leader inspiring the American people to fight for democracy. On August 9, 1941, Franklin Roosevelt met with Prime Minister Churchill aboard the U.S.S. Augusta and the H.M.S. Prince of Wales at sea, near Argentina, Newfoundland, Canada. The men spent their time discussing military tactics and war affairs. The men, determined to work together to win the war that was afoot, decided that the war should result in no territorial changes or expansion, freer trade, cooperation for the improvement of other nations, and immediate disarming of all...

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Critical Decisions Faced by FDR in Entering World War II

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