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Cultural Diversity in Australia

Cultural Diversity

The first reason why we are enthusiastic about cultural respect is because any white person in Australia is not Australian. The only people who are truly Australians are the Aboriginals, but even they are believed to have migrated here about 40 000 years ago. So who can really say, ‘I’m Australian’ when the reasons we got here were because we did something wrong and were sent here by boat so serve our time.

Caring and Sharing

The second reason why we overly enthuse caring and sharing in cultural respect in Australia is because of the way we treated the Aboriginal people when the first European settlement by British convicts came here in the 1700’s. They treated the Aboriginals terribly and so now in Australia we have to be a multicultural nation so that people will forget what we did. Aboriginal people still get treated badly in Australia due to some people who are prejudice, but not many people are prejudice anymore.

Australian citizenship is mainly all about equality. The main reasons that it is about equality are 1. We are not truly Australian and 2. How we treated Aboriginals (as explained in paragraphs1 and 2).

Attitudes in Australia

The citizenship facts sheet (refer to text book pg 31) does not sound very Australian. In Australia it is all about the ‘She’ll be right mate’ attitude. We are very laid back and nice we don’t prejudice other people (we are to comfortable), although some people wreck that reputation. Some people in Australia deserve to be kicked out, the people who prejudice and the people who burn our national symbol - our flag. These things are offending to the nation.

Society in conflict

As previously explained some features of our society are in conflict with the Australian citizenship facts sheet. We have prejudice, some people even commit hate crimes, discrimination, some people discriminate against Aboriginals and people from other countries and last of all the law, people brake the law all the time.

The Citizenship Pledge

The citizenship pledge contains four main values they are: Loyalty to Australia and its people - so cultural respect is not lost we must be loyal by not braking the laws or committing hate crimes against Australian citizens, the sharing of democratic beliefs - believing in our democracy, the respect of rights and liberties - not abusing the rights and liberties we are given...

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Cultural Diversity in Australia

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