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Descriptive Essay

Uploaded by j.stew2 on Nov 13, 2007

Haunted Manor

The dreary sky engulfs the atmosphere above the haunted mansion. A weathered black and gray color surrounds the entirety of the house which sits in front of the shady thicket. Walking through the battered gates, one first notices the castle-like construction of the home. At the end of the beaten trail lay the cracked stairs which rest under the over-hanging porch. Moss and vines slither up the face of the house like a thousand snakes engulfing a small animal. Artistic moldings at each corner of the house seem like ancient gargoyles lurking over the landscape, waiting to strike at any moment. Shadows overwhelm any attempt of light the house might try and produce. Filled with the pitch black night, each nook and cranny looks like an endless black hole. The wrap around porch darkens as it snakes around toward the back of the house. The breeze whistles and howls a sound of soft sorrow as the house crackles and moans with every gust of wind. The wooden boards of the house sway back and forth in the wind as if in some kind of evil trance. One segment of the home jolts up directly in the center as a medieval fortress would. Atop this central tower, a cross stands tall. The symbol of God casts a spell of irony upon this demon house.
The ground brown and bare suggests no sign of life. The dust and dead leaves that cover the ground slip away silently in the wind. Headstones placed sporadically throughout the front yard portray where an old cemetery once existed. The aroma of rotting soil and death fill the air. Each headstone, cracked and leaning, suggest the many years passed.
Powerful, gloomy, stricken trees sit on either side of the trodden trail. The leafless branches of the trees jut up and out in all directions as if imitating the wailing arms of someone struggling to escape. Each tree contains deep crevices, as if someone slashed them with a knife. Jagged edges and pointed ends describe the profile of the wicked foliage. The overwhelming shadows created by these monsters add even more darkness upon the already dreary house.
Looking onto the house, one can only think of malevolence. Swallowed by death, each detail relates to the gloominess and darkness that embroiders the life of the mansion.

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Uploaded by:   j.stew2

Date:   11/13/2007

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   2 pages (387 words)

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