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Developing Countries and the World Economy

Uploaded by spootyhead on Apr 18, 2007

Developing Countries and the World Economy

The world economy has many Developing Nations. Today, I am here to talk about the role of financial institutions such as the World Bank and aid organizations such as CAA and the success of current strategies in promoting development. The basis of international institutions and organizations roles are assisting developing countries to improve their development performance. The development of economies is enhanced from change from simple forms of organization and production to complex modern ones such as the role played by financial institutions such as the World Bank and aid organizations such as CAA. As this is the subject of development economics, Developing countries as whole economies can be poor; or they can grow but still leave large sections of their people in poverty.

A developing country can be a result of many characteristics: resources, historical background, population, economic structure and system. They are basically under developed country that reflects a failure to gain levels of living throughout most of their population. Yet there has been a significant improvement by these countries general level of living as growth.

The information I will be discussing will be relevant to what is the World Bank and what is its focus? What is the CAA as an aid organization? what is economic development and how it can be improved?, distinguishing the similarities among under developed countries with examples, the strategies implemented and how successful are financial institutions and aid organizations.

If we look at Economic growth, it does not necessarily ensure that economic development has occurred. Factors that influence growth is, increased production, the level of production sustainable, distinguishing growth as basically a mean of increase in national out put of more goods and services; and development, growth with structural change or process by which widespread improvements in levels of living are generated and sustained. Typically, in the early stages of development economies have most of their production and labor force in agriculture.

The GDP measures are fundamentally economic growth measure of developing countries. This can be used as aggregate measure of the countries national product or income used in both Gross Domestic Product and Gross National product. The real GDP and GNP contribute to the developmental outcomes significantly. Increasing per capita is associated with education levels of population, increasing life expectancy and increasing health standards. There...

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Uploaded by:   spootyhead

Date:   04/18/2007

Category:   Economics

Length:   8 pages (1,838 words)

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Developing Countries and the World Economy

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