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Diabetes Research

Uploaded by spootyhead on Mar 05, 2007

Diabetes Research

Non – Insulin – dependent diabetes mellitus is the name given to a disturbed chemical balance in the body, which can affect a number of different organs. The word diabetes comes from a Greek expression meaning, “siphon”. (Nova) It refers to the increased urination and thirst that occurs in newly diagnosed cases. These symptoms are due to the high sugar (glucose) content in the urine. The sugar drags water out with it, the body gets dry and you feel thirsty. All this follows an excessive build-up of glucose in the blood, because there is not enough insulin in your body to deal with it. Cases of diabetes have been discovered dating back as far as 1550 BC. in Egypt, where archeologists have studied scrolls named Ebers Papyrus that describe symptoms of diabetes. (Nova) Non – insulin - dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) is also known as maturity onset diabetes. (Colliers) This name can be misleading even though it increases with age NIDDM is also found in teenagers and young adults. Non – Insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is also commonly known as type II diabetes.

In the Early stages of diabetes, there may be no symptoms at all. As glucose levels rise higher the following may occur. The person may have blurred vision. A person may have a severe or chronic infection, because the high glucose levels affect the blood’s defense system against infections. A person may have to urinate more frequently. This causes the person to feel thirsty. Excessive urination also results in the loss of essential chemicals, producing cramps, tiredness, weakness, and weight loss. (Medical Science Bulletin. statistics)

Genetics appears to play a part in how type II diabetes develops. Type II appears to “run” in families and it is most likely due to the inheritance of certain genes. If a person with type II diabetes has an identical twin, there is a 60 to 75 percent chance that the person will develop diabetes. (Research Activities) More evidence of the gene play comes from study on minorities. Compared to whites, African Americans, Asian Americans, Hispanic Americans (except Cuban Americans), and Native Americans all get type II diabetes more often. Native Americans have the highest rate f type II diabetes in the world. (Research Activities)

Researchers have not...

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Uploaded by:   spootyhead

Date:   03/05/2007

Category:   Medicine

Length:   6 pages (1,406 words)

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Diabetes Research

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