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Elections in India

Uploaded by Myke on Aug 19, 2006


India is a democratic country. According to our constitution, we, the citizens of India are bound to have the complete responsibility for the development of our country. For the efficient functioning of the democracy elections serve to be an important process

This is found to be true if the elections serve to be loyal and fruitful. But here, in our country elections are proving to be nothing other than mere wastage of people’s money rather than being good enough to help in fulfilling the objective of democracy.

Most of the people in India are mostly not interested in the political activities of the country (nearly 57% of the population). This might not be a considerable point in the countries with less population (like Japan and England). But for countries like India with a large amount of the population it becomes a great issue. As a result the elections become meaningless and corrupt. This happens mainly because of ignorance and negligence offered by the citizens to elections.

If we analyze what could be the reason for the failure of elections the main thing which comes to the mind is the gift of “betrayal” offered by those who stand as leaders in elections for a party. We cannot blame the people entirely in this issue. Because some socialistic problem always exists which makes the helpless common public to give up and withdraw into a shell of silence and feeling. Because of these problems elections are not at all held with proper and greater significance.

The elections recently held in the state of Bihar can be taken as a good example. Though the support for the parties is high in this region still not even a single party in this region could prove their majority over all the other parties. Everybody says that situation has aroused only because of some confusion among the people as to elect whom as their leader. But it is not true. If we see the electoral percentage it is something between 50-55% only. That is more than half of the population has failed to register their votes. This makes the issue more complex. Hence we can conclude that it is not just because of the confusion but the hesitation among the people. This hesitation is because not even a single party in the state...

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Uploaded by:   Myke

Date:   08/19/2006

Category:   Politics

Length:   3 pages (572 words)

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Elections in India

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