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Electricity - Methods of Production and Consumption Issues

Electricity - Methods of Production and Consumption Issues

Electricity is one of the fundamentals of life and can sometimes be associated as a simple convenience, when it is actually very complex and requires a lot more work than one realizes. These theories and more will be explained throughout the paper.

When one hears the word the first things that most people think of are the TV, the microwave, computers, A/C, and other electronically supplied devices in the house. These instances are only of the smallest methods of electric uses. Electricity is used in homes, industry, communications, transportation, and in medicine/ science. We thus consume such large amounts of it that there have been numerous ways of producing the required amounts to sustain the need in certain areas. Here are a few: nuclear, hydroelectric, and solar plants.

Nuclear plants are somewhat common, yet extremely dangerous. The energy is produced in large towers that have extremely small uranium rods that require these enormous towers to be filled with water to keep these rods cooled off. The energy that can be obtained from the conversion through this nuclear process is quite significant

The hydroelectric plants are commonly found next to a dam. As the water passes over the gates, giant turbines inside the plant are being turned, thus the energy from the water is being converted into electricity.

Solar plants are not very common, since this method is relatively new. Large solar panel collectors that are set in the direct sun create this type of energy, thus these panels collect the energy that the sunrays give off, and are again sent to a facility that converts this type energy into electricity.

Though there are many different methods being developed to attempt to convert different substances into electricity, consumption is still very much overriding the amount we can currently produce. One issue with the methods some people think up is the question “Is it environmentally friendly?” The aftermath of an easier method of production might lead to the quicker depletion the earth itself in what form or fashion. I’m sure that there have been a lot of different theories and idea, although a lot of them were abandoned because sadly the method itself would slowly kill the earth. It might eventually get to the point where...

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Electricity - Methods of Production and Consumption Issues

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