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Emotional Attachment to Music

Emotional Attachment to Music

Music is something i hear everywhere i go. I hear it in the car, at my house, and at sporting events. I think that people who dislike music are just saying so because they are afraid of change. It not the kind of music that they used to listen to so they find it disturbing. Im am sure my grand parents would not find this music appropriate buit i feel it its a good reflection of my culture. I use music not only to entertain me, but to motive me as well.

Todays music cause many problems. Many people feel that this is what has ruined America as we know it. Is it the hard rock or the pop that is really effecting us. Television has really added to the promotion of music. Children every not only get this music from the radio and televison but now the internet.

Parents have no idea of what there children are listening to. Your child can find and access all types of music that is down right horible. But isn't it just free expression. Maybe maybe not. Children blame the things that they do wrong on the music they listen to is this the real reason they do it or are they already confused in the head.

Music has always been controversial and will always continue to be so. We need to relize this and just get over it i guess. If your going to listen to marilyn manson and korn, you are doing this for the enjoyment of the music not because your want to kill people.

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Emotional Attachment to Music

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