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Essay On Religion in Public Schools

Essay On Religion in Public Schools

Everyone knows that something needs to be done about safety in public schools. Whether it’s metal detectors at the doors, or policemen in the halls, something needs to be done. I think that we could solve all of the hate and anger problems quite easily by adding a “Religion Class”. This “Religion Class” could be and extracurricular reminder of what is right and what is wrong. Not only would it unite our schools and districts, but also it would bring more peace to the classrooms. These are just a few things that bringing religion into our schools would do for us. It’s a pretty easy and simple change for all the benefits it would bring, don’t you think?

First of all, this minor step wouldn’t even need to change how the schools operate. The ‘Religion Classes’, could be extracurricular. This means that the classes would be either before or after school. The teachers would need no new training because these classes could be student lead. We currently have a weekly lunchtime religion/prayer group called First Priority, but having a daily class would allow us to learn and study religion more deeply. Neither moving nor shuffling of classes would need to take place this way (Swomly P. 38).

Sure, some people may not want to have these types of classes due to the differences in beliefs; however, there would be a variety of classes taught on a variety of different religions. This would be done to insure no group would be left out. Also these classes would be optional. No one would be required to attend any of them.

Next, for those that have a belief in god, or any other religion base, these classes would give them a chance to evaluate themselves, and for those that don’t, this could help them to not only find one, but to see what other kids their age are doing with theirs. Just as Jesus washed the feet of his disciples, we too could also understand that we are no better than anyone. Everyone needs to learn that at some point in their life. Daily classes on religion would help to humble us, as well as to keep us on the right path. It would be a great daily reminder for everyone.

The dictionary defines evangelism as the winning or reveal of personal commitments to Christ. As...

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Essay On Religion in Public Schools

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