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Uploaded by goodsorrow on Jul 15, 2006

Defining and discussing the term “Ethics”
In today’s society based on my experience it is all to o clear to see that more and more people have different views on the term “Ethics”. Through my short time spent in the military, I have encountered many types of people. People from all over the country, some from different country’s and when you are forced to be around people from different backgrounds you start to notice that many people have different views on ethics.
From the Websters online dictionary. The definition of the term “Ethics” was a “motivation based on ideas of right and wrong” and “the philosophical study of moral values and rules”. My own definition of ethics would have to be, “something that you believe in and follow which influences your decision making. What is included in someone’s “ethics” is totally decided upon how they are raised. Things which could include how you treat others based on race, sex, ethnic background and religion. Other things like decision making on theft, cheating, spousal abuse and many others, the examples are endless.
Since being in the military, I have met many types of people. Many in which act and say things which I don’t agree with or think are right. That isn’t my place to say something or judge them based on those things. That is where my ethics kick in and don’t judge people based on how they were raised and taught.


Ethics. Websters Online Dictionary. Retrieved July 7, 2006. From World Wide Web. http://www.websers-online-dictionary.org/definition/ethics

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Uploaded by:   goodsorrow

Date:   07/15/2006

Category:   College

Length:   1 pages (252 words)

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