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Excitement of Playing Paintball

Excitement of Playing Paintball

I was sitting hunched, waiting. I was watching for the other team coming down the driveway. I saw them. Dylan and Kyle went off to the right. Mike W. was hiding farther up the road. They found him and took him out. Then I saw Dexter coming up behind us. Justin and Jimmers saw us. I stood up and exchanged fire. “Oh crap, Justin’s on fully auto,” Charlie said. I heard splat after splat. Aaron came up behind us. I told him to watch out because Dexter was back out there. There was so much scrub brush you couldn’t even shoot back there. I told Seth to see if he could get at Dexter. So he left into the brush. Then I saw Dylan and Kyle run across the road to our side. I then knew Mike D. was out because he was hiding where they came from. I gave some shots toward them but didn’t connect. Seth came back and said he couldn’t even get close. Then Aaron came walking out of the brush with his hands up.

“I’m out,” he said. “O man now we’re two men down,” I said. At this time Justin and Jimmers are watching us. Once in awhile they would give us a “Hey we’re still here shot” but we knew they hadn’t moved. Then Justin put his hands up. “I’m out of paint, I’m done, don’t shoot,” he said with disappointment. Then I saw Charlie preparing for something. I could see this strange look in his eye through the glazed lenses in his facemask. He then said, “Troy, cover me, I’m taking him out!” “Ok, do it Charlie,” I replied. He jumped to his feet and started firing. Doosch, doosch, doosch! “Aww I’m hit, stop firing I’m hit, I’m hit,” were the words from Jimmers mouth. “Ya, way to go Charlie-o-marly!” I said to Charlie. Then at that moment, splat, splat, splat, one after another! We were scrambling around like decapitated chickens! “Where are they coming from!?” Seth yelled. “Just run,” Charlie screamed. “Go, go, Seth some on!” I said as I was pushing Charlie to hurry. Charlie jumped out the front of the trailer...

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Excitement of Playing Paintball

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