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Faith Gets Some Help (Fictional Story)

Faith Gets Some Help (Fictional Story)

“I think I need some help.” Faith said, staggering inside the old, haunted mansion. Her right arm had a big cut in it, and blood was gushing out. Her face had a few scrapes and bruise’s, as did the rest of her body. Faith had just came back from a battle with an Excool demon.

Faith was a witch, about 19 years old. She had brown eyes, and short blond hair. Her skin was pale, and she was very small, but strong for her age. Faith had a past life, where her name was Enchanted. In her past life she was an ‘evil’ witch. She made people suffer for her entertainment, and used them in her sacrifices. In order to be reunited with her mother, Faith had to be a good witch in this life.

“What do you mean by that?” Melinda asked, looking up from a huge spell book that she was reading.

Melinda was also a witch. She was 1,562 years old, but looked like she was in her early twenties. She had silky, shimmery, long black hair. She had dark green eyes, and tanned skin. Her job was to teach Faith the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of the craft, so Faith wouldn’t go to the ‘dark side’ again. Even though Faith was done her training, (Melinda was certain that Faith wouldn’t even think of going to the dark side again) Melinda somehow managed to get her ‘boss’ to let her stay in this realm- Earth. She wanted to stay mainly because she had become such good friends with Faith and Spike.

Unlike Faith and Melinda, Spike wasn’t a witch, but a vampire. He was 20 years old, and he had brown hair, but he bleached it blond. He had deep, blue eyes, and fair skin. Spike was engaged to Faith in her past life, but once she found out that he bit one of her best friends, she staked him. In this life, however, Faith forgave him for what he did, and now he’s going out with her and helping her in her battles.

Faith, Melinda, and Spike’s mission is to rid all the evil from the world, before it takes over.
“Come on, Faith.” Spike said. “You...

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Faith Gets Some Help (Fictional Story)

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