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Female Equality in American Society

Female Equality in American Society

Women have long fought the battle of equality and rights. Persevering through times of turmoil and incomprehensible obstacles in the working, social, and political world, they dared to break the constraints, which for so long kept them shackled. Up till now, women had showed the world that they are as every bit capable of anything the men can do. They deserve every victory and praise they get for it as well. The only question is: are they really up to par with the conditions men receive? Is it really safe to say that women are no longer discriminated against? Or have the tables turned: are the men nowadays up to par with the fairness women receive? All these depend on many factors. The battle of impartiality and rights is still up in the air.

“Freedom to” and “freedom from”, to my understanding, coexist to form a yin and yang uniformity or a weighting balance behaviour. Expanding ‘freedom from’ rights will limit ‘freedom to’ rights and vice versa. For example, strict enforcement of freedom from violence will result in a decrease of the freedom to practice martial arts, self-defense, or anything of the sort. Though this may not be the best of examples, it’s clear enough.

Many men and women are considered ‘free’ today. Women are still in danger of so many things, though. They still have to take precautionary actions to ensure they are safe when walking home at night through a park. Current safety systems such as the “Stop Request” on bus transits for women only are being implemented to ensure the safety of women. Although, with some complaints, newer policies required the same treatment for men. Even in our current society, women still face harsher conditions when compared to men. They are more vulnerable to dangers not present to the male population. Once again, the aspect of the weighting balance behaviour takes effect. Our society is more oriented on ‘freedom to’ neglecting the ‘freedom from’ aspect. Many of the rights women were fighting for are focused on their freedom to be able to do something. This increases their danger in the ‘freedom from’ category; freedom from harassment, impartiality, and being violated as an individual.

Depending on global locations, the conditions women face seem to differ from place to place. North Americans have developed a more sophisticated system that provides a safer and more tolerable environment for...

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Female Equality in American Society

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