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General Qualities of Leadership

General Qualities of Leadership

In life some people are cut out to be leaders and some are not. In the books Old Man in the Sea, A Raisin in the Son, and Lord of the Flies, have characters that show leadership qualities. My definition of a good leader is someone who does well for people and guides them in their ways. The characters from Lord of the Flies that I think have leadership qualities are Ralph, and Piggy. I think Ralph is a leader because he makes good decisions, and I feel Piggy would be a good leader because he is so intelligent. Santiago from Old Man in the Sea shows good leadership qualities by always staying positive. And Mama from A Raisin in the Sun is a leader because she is so fearless. The one quality that I think makes me a good leader is that I am outspoken and always listen to what other people have to say.

I think that Ralph is a great leader in the novel The Lord of the Flies because he makes good decisions. Ralph is always positive through out the book by believing that someone would come rescue them. He believed in having assemblies and always having control and order over the others. He wanted to set fire to signal help and at the end of the book it did work, and they were rescued. He wanted to be the leader because he knew he would do a good job, and at first he was until jack took over. That was a bad move the island turned to mayhem and they became savages and killed one another. So overall Ralph would have been a great leader if Jack did not take over with the hunters.

I think Santiago is a great leader in the novel Old Man in the Sea because he always stays positive throughout the whole book. The old man was still confident that he would catch a fish after 84 days of not catching a fish. And on the 85th day hooked a huge one and was confidant he could take it in. All through the fight for days of tearing up his hands he was still confident of reeling it in. Finally he pulled it up to the boat and speared it till it died....

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General Qualities of Leadership

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