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House Of Spirits Essay On Uncle Marcos

House Of Spirits Essay On Uncle Marcos

veryone has someone that they remember from the past. Whether that person is a family member, friend, or a famous celebrity, they are remembered. The people who will not be forgotten often have done something special in order to receive this remembrance. Most people that are remembered are not forgotten because of gifts they gave to others, their adventurous life stories, or their actions that bring negative attention towards them. Uncle Marcos is one of the many characters in the novel that are brought up multiple times throughout the story. All through The House of the Spirits, Isabel Allende has the characters uncover Uncle Marcos' books and souvenirs in order to keep his spirit steadfast in them.

Uncle Marcos is the one that had brought Barrabas into the del Velle's family. While on one of his many ventures out to the far off countries of the world, Uncle Marcos had found a dog-like creature. Among all his personal belongings, given to the del Valles because of his death, was this dog-like animal, which was accepted into the del Velle family and thus lived with them, "The dog remained in the house" (19). Clara had claimed him as her own and therefore accepted full responsibility of the puppy, "The animal became her responsibility . . . He's mine Papa. If you take him away, I'll stop breathing and I promise you I'll die." (18).

Uncle Marcos was forever remembered for his adventurous actions and his obvious presence. Marcos was an inventor and explorer of many things, one of which was the contraption he had built to fly. When Uncle Marcos decided to fly his blimp, it was definitely one of those events that would be remembered, "But when Marcos announced his plane trip, no one believed that his contraption could be put to any practical use . . . Clara would remember this holiday as long as she lived," (13). When Uncle Marcos would come to stay with his sister's family between his excavations, he brought along his souvenirs, books, and notes, "The house became a clutter of trunks, of animals in jars of formaldehyde, of Indian lances and sailor's bundles" (10). These obstructions were left around the house in many places and were always in the way.

Uncle Marcos and his stories are still fresh in Clara's mind, and are told to others by Alba. Clara...

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House Of Spirits Essay On Uncle Marcos

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