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Imperialiam Editorilial

Imperialiam Editorilial

Walter Charles was a British journalist, for the London Times, from 1914-1940. His primary focus in his column on June 23rd, 1914, was why the English should keep pursuing more land to imperialize.

According to the contents of his column, Mr. Charles emphatically feels that imperialism benefits both countries. The primary example he uses, is the relationship between Britain and India. In his column, he highlights, that countries like India, on the other side of the globe, benefit form Britain’s language, protection and military tactics, scientific achievements, and technological advancements. He explains that India before British takeover was a country in decline due to the fall of the Mughal Empire. According to Mr. Charles, countries imperialized by Britain and influenced by the English language, are able to participate in foreign trade, since the English language is prevalent on all continents. Indian people benefited from the protection of the worlds strongest army and navy, and were also able to join the British regiments and fight in the First World War. They also received the technology to build railway systems and steam engines, which made the long journeys from places like Bombay to Calcutta, more pleasant, less tedious, and more expedient. The British also brought India and other imperialized countries more mechanized ways in agriculture to cultivate cotton, wheat, rice, and corn. Mr. Charles exclaims how the British Rule is more organized then the ruling and warring states that were in place before the British imperialization of India. He feels that the gains for these countries are not just economical, but the British, as a superior race, are also doing their duty in educating, advancing, and “civilizing” the “heathens.”

According to Mr. Charles, England benefits as well from the countries imperialized by them. He writes that England receives natural resources in exchange for technology, and military and naval protection. He explains that England is increasing its wealth by selling finished products around the globe made from the natural resources of the imperialized countries. England is also able to build ports along the coasts of their dominated countries, to secure their trade routes, so their ships can refuel and pick up cargo and supplies, on the way around their global empire. Mr. Charles contents that Britain uses the human resources of the dominated countries to stop the spread of the Russian Empire and keep its power around the globe, intact.

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Imperialiam Editorilial

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