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Indian Religion and its Influence on Daily Life

Indian Religion and its Influence on Daily Life

Does your religion affect your daily life? In The Ramayana, gods and religion play an important role in the Indian life. Having an encounter with a reincarnated being, talking to one of the multiple gods, or assuming another form to make life easier are only three ways the Indian religion affected Rama’s daily life.

Respect by definition means, “to feel or show high regard for”. As a result of their belief in reincarnation, Indians have a greater respect for life, animals, and each other. They know they will only be in their current form for one lifetime, so they cherish all life greatly. Most ordinary men would not explain right from wrong and good morals to a monkey, but Rama did. Since the Indian culture has respect for all beings, Rama knows a monkey possesses enough intelligence to understand this, and that is why he explains morals to Vali as if he were a human. While Rama explains this to Vali he says, “I am not misled by either your explanation or appearance of being a monkey…”

Since this culture appreciates every tiny aspect of life, it has a god to go along with every phase of life. The Indian culture believes in multiple gods who each have different roles, such as the god of death, fire, wind, etc. Each god is addressed separately and has an important position. At one point in the story, Sita said, “O Agni, great god of fire, be my witness.” After that, Sita threw herself into the fire, and instead of dieing, the god of fire protected her and left her unharmed since she was pure. Because of her close relationship with her god, she was able to vindicate herself.

Assuming other forms is a privilege of the gods, or a power hey can confer on others. This tremendous power is used to their advantage, but it is also deceiving to others. When Ravana wanted to capture Sita, his uncle assumed the form of a deer and lured Sita. Another time, Mahabali wanted to take over the world, so asked for land the size of three of his footsteps, then transformed into a giant! The most significant time this was used was when Hanuman made himself into a...

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Indian Religion and its Influence on Daily Life

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