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International Marketing- PROTON goes to Australia

[size=9:7bd2b9354c]EXECUTIVE SUMMARY

This report contains the study of the Australian market prior to the launch of the Perdana V6 in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Thorough research regarding the Australian culture in part 1, indicates opportunity for PROTON to enter the sedan-market with the 2-litre V6 Perdana. The information we have gathered helps us make market planning decisions and interpret the entwined meaning of cultural information.

Part 2 is constructed from more straightforward and relatively easier to decypher than that of the cultural analysis. The economic data that serves as a basis for an evaluation of the economic soundness of a country, information on the channels of distribution and media availability are also highlighted and disscussed. Factors like Australia’s Economic Statistic and Activity, population, and trade restrictions can affect the price, subsequently the demand of the of the Perdana in Australia.
A competitive market analysis is also carried out to study and gather a clearer vision of what lies ahead. Studying our competitors and how they have flourished in this foreign land is useful to the survivalablity of PROTON; especially in a foreign market. However the study also reveals how the PROTON brand re-established itself after the acquisition of Lotus (British Supercar Makers) in 1996.
The preliminary marketing plan then describes all the necessary steps needed, to successfully launch the Perdana V6 in Australia.

Part 1:


Australia became a commonwealth of the British Empire in 1901. It was able to take advantage of its natural resources to rapidly develop its agricultural and manufacturing industries. Through the years, this has attracted much foreign interest in investing and taking advantage of the abundance of resources of the country.

There is a long history of automobile production in Australia. Foreign companies such as Ford Motor Company, General Motors (Holden), International Harvester, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen and Leyland Motors played an important role in the formation of the industry. In the 1960’s, the Australian government tried to protect local automotive manufacturers and component makers by introducing protectionist policies. However, it became apparent that local producers could not compete with the imports even with the protectionism offered and policies needed to change to ensure the survival of the industry in Australia.

The new policy was aimed towards global integration of the Australian automotive industry. This was achieved through a gradual lowering of tariffs which provides the industry with an opportunity to adjust while maintaining...

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International Marketing- PROTON goes to Australia

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