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Java Class

Java Class

MIS 304 is not a class for everyone. Not just any student should take the class. This class is structured to assist students in learning how to program using the Java language. This class does not make a student an expert in the language of Java, but instead gives the student the basic fundamentals needed to have practical use of the language and gives them a solid foundation upon which they can build if they choose to do so. The material covered in the class is adequate. Java can be a complex language to learn, but in MIS 304 one is taught the basics and nothing too detailed or complicated.

The resources that are given to the students are very good. I know that the Java book used for the class is one of the best reference materials on Java that is on the market today. The lab facilities and proctors are also great resources. The only problem I feel that exists is that students don’t take advantage of the resources they have available. Students hardly look through their book for answering questions they might have. Also students hardly even bring their books to the lab when doing programs. They sometimes look for proctors to fix their problems instead of fixing it themselves. I think it should be emphasized to students that the proctors are not their to do the programs for them, but to rather help them figure out what is going wrong in their programs. Also it should be emphasized that the book should be with them when working on programs so that if questions or problems do arise, the students can use the book to help them out.

The scope of material covered in the class is of a good range, not anything too in depth that might overwhelm a student just learning Java but enough challenging material to keep students’ interest. A student can come out of the class with a lot of basic knowledge on how to use the language and the many functions and benefits it can have. I think this class is extremely beneficial for students majoring in MIS especially since a lot of today’s world is based on the Internet, which is HTML and Java based.

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Java Class

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