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Jealousy in Famous Shakespeare Works

Jealousy in "Much Ado About Nothing" and "Midsummer's Night Dream"

Throughout both “Much Ado About Nothing” and “Midsummer’s Night Dream,” much jealousy is demonstrated. Not only do Claudio, in “Much Ado About Nothing,” and Oberon in “Midsummer’s Night Dream” become jealous with the woman they love, but they actually will succumb to revenge, embarrassment and rage to try to over come their jealously. Even though by the ending of both of the plays both characters get what they want, they have a constant battle with jealously to get there.

Claudio, a very highly decorated general, arrives home from battle to Messina to greet Leonato, the governor, who is pleased with his accomplishments. In no time at all, Claudio meets Leonato’s daughter Hero, falls madly in love with her, and confesses his love to his dear friend Benedict. In no time, Don Pedro, leader of the army finds out this news and promises to woo Hero for Claudio. Leonato is also informed of Claudio’s love for his daughter, and is delighted to know that Don Pedro will woo his daughter for Claudio, and sends Don Pedro to tell Claudio that, when asked, Hero will accept his hand in marriage.

This is where all the trouble begins. Don John, Don Pedro’s bastard brother, also hears all the news about how his brother will woo Hero for Claudio. Since Don John despises Claudio, he devises a plan to make Claudio think that Don Pedro is wooing Hero for himself. Don John does all of this with the help of Borachio. The two tell Claudio that Don Pedro plans to steal Hero for himself and Claudio becomes crushed and jealous. A good example of how he acts upon rage is when Benedict comes to invite Claudio outside, but Claudio refuses and snaps at Benedict, his good friend.

Benedict approaches Don Pedro and tells him that it was not very nice that he wooed Hero for himself, and finds out that Don Pedro never had any intention of doing so. In fact, Don Pedro leaves to tell Claudio that Hero will accept Claudio’s hand in marriage. Claudio is so happy about this that his jealously diminishes momentarily.

The second wave of jealously approaches quickly as Don John devises another plan to break Claudio and Hero apart. He makes Claudio think that...

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Jealousy in Famous Shakespeare Works

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