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Legalization of Marijuana

Uploaded by yunggrasshopa on Jun 04, 2008

Research on the Legalization of Marijuana

People of America have been viciously trying to legalize marijuana for many years now.
I found out that all of their ideas, opinions, and sides basically divide into three basic groups.
Many think that it is not worth legalizing marijuana, many seem to think it
should be legalized, and a group of people say it should only be
legalized for medicinal purposes.

In the following paragraphs I will try to show you reason for all
three opinions.

My hopes of doing this research project were to determine what effects marijuana has along with different
substances in the body. I also decided to determine the differences between marijuana and tobacco, due to people misunderstanding
about both of them in society today.

First of all I started my research specifically on the subject
Is marijuana more dangerous than tobacco, but after searching online there wasnt enough information,
I had to not be so specific.

I understand which one is more dangerous between tobacco and marijuana as well as the long term
affects. Both animal and human testings have been done, they've proven
that marijuana impairs lung functions to greater extents than
tobacco cigarettes do. But, this does not necessarily mean that
marijuana users are putting themselves at more risk nessicarily.

A typical marijuana user will smoke maybe two joints a day,
where a typical tobacco-user will smoke between forty and sixty
cigarettes in the same period. Now the effects vary.
Marijuana may have more tar in it, but as a typical smoker in america, the
rate that tobacco-users put themselves at is a much larger scale and so they are at higher
risk. Also, there is a chemical called benzopyrene that is 70% more
abundant in marijuana than tobacco. This chemical is believed to
cause cancer. Tobacco has the same dangerous chemicals in
it, but doesnt have THC which marijuana has. THC, which is known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical
that produces the "high" feeling that people get when consuming marijuana.

Marijuana usually does not contain more than 1 percent
of THC. There are stronger drugs related to THC, such as "hash oil",
which can contain up to a 28 percent THC level. There have been some
cases where "street" marijuana has been found to contain up to 5
percent THC. That is very potent for normal marijuana, and is
probably very hard to come by in the United States.Ususally hydroponic marijuana is found
to have potencys of up...

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Uploaded by:   yunggrasshopa

Date:   06/04/2008

Category:   Drug Policy

Length:   20 pages (4,389 words)

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