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Modern Psychological Analysis Applied to Shakespeare's Romeo

Modern Psychological Analysis Applied to Shakespeare's Romeo

A healthy individual is one who behaves in ways that promote emotional well-being, resolves conflicts constructively, adapts to different situations and has self-discipline. Romeo lacks these qualities in the beginning. However, as he matures throughout the play, we see how the once irrational and impulsive boy has progressed into a deeper and more thoughtful man. Romeo matures in the play from an irrational boy to a thoughtful and deep man. His love for Juliet has transformed him from a boy who talks in clich¨¦s, to a man with a powerful command of speech. Unfortunately, we never do see him become a truly healthy individual.

When the reader meets Romeo, he is presented as an emotionally shattered person. He’s in love with love. He has chosen a girl who'll never return his affection, and he spends much of his days pitying himself. Of Rosaline, he says, "She is too fair, too wise, wisely too fair / to merit bliss by making me despair" (I.i.230). He takes his time in being depressed and is almost as if he enjoys his misery. His moaning leaves him unable to act. Instead, he spends time wandering through trees or locked up in his room. This is supposedly unlike himself for he exclaims, ¡°Tut! I have lost myself, I am not here; this is not Romeo, he's some other where¡± (I.i.204). Here we see his irrationality which helps lead to his tragic death. Then he meets Juliet and discovers his true self. Almost immediately, his entire speech and tone changes and he is no longer grieving. Their love is so intense that Romeo's speech is transformed to poetry. The first time they talk together, their conversation effortlessly forms a sonnet. His emotions change quickly and are fickle.

Romeo is not one who tries to start fights and will attempt to resolve his few conflicts peacefully. Romeo is shown generally as a well-liked person. Mercutio and Benvolio both want his attention; the Nurse thinks he's honest, courteous, kind, and handsome. His mother loves him so much that she dies of grief when he's banished; and even Lord Capulet calls him "a virtuous and well-governed youth" and refuses to let Tybalt bother him. Friar Lawrence loves Romeo so much that he'll do almost anything to secure his happiness. The exception, of course, is Tybalt. Romeo himself tells Tybalt, "Villain I am none......

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Modern Psychological Analysis Applied to Shakespeare's Romeo

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