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Mysteries Of Macbeth

Mysteries Of Macbeth

Within this mystery of Shakespearean literature there is an enigma, wrapped within this enigma there is a riddle, and encased in the riddle there is a puzzle. This is Shakespeare’s Macbeth. To those who deeply analyze this tragedy three major questions remain. Are the three witches (Wyrd sisters) really witches? Did Lady Macbeth really faint or was it all an act? And who was the Mysterious 3rd murderer?

The Three Witches also referred to, as the Wyrd Sisters are the 1st characters introduced in the play. They are the only characters that speak in rhyme during the play. It is a widely accepted theory that he witches are indeed real witches serving under Hecate the Greek one of the major deities concerning all types of enchantment, sorcery and witchcraft. The witches bear a striking and obviously intentional resemblance to the Fates, female characters in both Norse and Greek mythology that weave the fabric of human lives and then cut the threads to end them. The 3 witches predictions are uncannily accurate during the play. There is no way that it is just luck that all these predictions came true, it is because the 3 women are truly witches. It seems that the way Shakespeare wrote these women, they have the ability to disappear into thin air, and it seems they have some control over the weather. No mortal can just disappear at will, or control the weather. These are obviously powers of witches.

Lady Macbeth is easily one of the most ruthless, ambitious, frightening, determined characters in all of Shakespeare’s works. The first time we see her in the play she is already plotting the murder of the King so that Macbeth may kill him and become King. She goes so far as wishing she were a man just so that she could kill Duncan with her famous “un-sex me now” speech in the opening of act Act I, scene v. Macbeth says that she has a masculine personality trapped in a woman’s body. Not only is she power-hungry and ambitious she is also very manipulative. She forced her husband into murdering the king simply by questioning his manhood. If to describe this woman in one word it is Strong. These characteristics do not seem to be that of a frail wife who faints at the sign of blood or death. It is quite obvious...

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Mysteries Of Macbeth

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