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Periodic Table Rap

Uploaded by mfields on Mar 24, 2004

H, hydrogen to the He, Helium
Lithium, Be, Beryllium
Already getting sick of ‘em
Next is Boron with a B
Then Carbon with a C
Man, it’s just so easy when
I know that N
is Nitrogen
Continue with my flow to the O in Oxygen
So fresh and so clean
Number 9 is F Fluorine
Then Ne is Neon
I won’t be just a peon
Never ever be wrong
Know the atoms like I’ve been here the last 7 eons
…So anyway, Na is Sodium
Look at my flodium, I’m eroding ‘em
Straight leaving em
In the dust
Mg magnesium
As I bust, no fuss cuz I must ta rush
Aluminum abbreviated with an Al
Si for Silicon number 14 I yell
Fifteen’s a P for Phosphorous
And then it’s Sulfur the S
Cl after atomic number sixteen
It’s chlorine
Followed by Argon Ar
Potassium K
And not by far
By Calcium Ca

That was the first twenty
I know you think that, that is plenty
But you gotta be able
To know the whole freakin periodic table!

Scandium Sc
Titanium Ti
Vanadium V
Man, look at those rhymes
Chromium Cr
Manganese Mn
Fe is Iron
And we’re back again
Well not really though
Cobalt is Co
Nickel is Ni
Copper is Cu
Don’t you just want to die?
Well you can’t
Zinc is Zn
Ga is Gallium
Then As Arsenic
And we’re no where near done
Se like special edition
So easy it’s Selenium
That’d be the intuition
Listen, Br for Bromine
And Kr for Krypton
My minds every bit gone
Rb is Rubidium
Sr is Strontium
Then Y for Yttrium, which, I can’t even pronounce
Finally, forty is Zirconium
And I know that didn’t rhyme,
So please, no phonin in

That was the next twenty
I know you think that, that is plenty
But you gotta be able
To know the whole freakin periodic table!

Holy crap, there’s still sixty more
I’d rather list this even though you’d probably snore
Niobium Nb
Mo and Tc
I couldn’t pronounce those either
But neither can you, so don’t worry
Ru for Ruthenium
Rh for Rhodium
Pd for Palladium
And now I’m cold foldin ‘em

Forty seven is Silver Ag
Cadmium CD
Indium In
You can’t slow me
As I move to Sn
That’s Tin then Sb
Also known as Antimony
Tellurium Te
Iodine the I
And Xenon Xe
Fly on right by
To Cesium Cs
Barium Ba
Moving quick through the rest
Lanthanum La

Cerium Ce
What can I say?
It’s Pr
Sm, Eu
Gd, then Tb,
So what you wanna do?
Memorize the rest is what I suggest
Dy, Ho
Er, Tm
That’s how it goes
Lu Lutetium

Next is Hafnium Hf
And to the opposite of left
Tantalum Ta
Tungsten W
And everyday
It troubles you
Rhenium the same way
Re to the Os, Osmium
Ir, Iridium
Man, there’s no stopping them
I know this one quite well
If you can’t even tell
It’s Pt Platinum Plat
SamSkillz always wearing silver-plated in place of that
But no worries if you like the Au
Gold keeps it...

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Uploaded by:   mfields

Date:   03/24/2004

Category:   Science

Length:   2 pages (484 words)

Views:   15157

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