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Uploaded by msnarayana on Oct 13, 2012

The earth is a wonderful place which we share with the plants, animals and birds. We must preserve the land we live on. A pollutant is any substance which contaminates the air, water and land. Pollution is the introduction of harmful substances or products into the environment or harmful changes that occur in the environment due to human actives are pollution. Pollution could be of in air, water and land. As these harmful substances, gases and quality of life of all living beings will affect the humans. Pollution is very dangerous for health, environment, can cause sickness death in living beings, unnatural weather conditions and damage to crops. There are different kinds of pollution; the most common beings are air, water, soil, land and noise pollution. Air to pollution affects the air. Air pollution causes due to all living beings rely on clean air to survive. Air pollution is the addition of substance to survive. Air pollution is the addition of substance to the atmosphere that can cause danger to human health and to the other living other living matter who breathes this polluted air. The burning of fossil fuels (coal and oil) to generate heat and power for human consumption is the main source of air pollution. Transportation, burning of industrial wastes and other solid wastes also cause air pollution. Air has no colour or smell except when it is polluted. Air pollution even affects the water and marine life, and land pollution affects the land destroying life and the environment. All kinds of pollution are gradually destroying our planet. Bits of dust, metal, soot, gases and other materials are released from construction sites, factories and cars. These small particles reduce the quality of the air that we breathe causing respiratory diseases such as lungcancer, asthma and branchits. Water pollution is caused due to plants and animals need fresh water to survive. The addition of harmful substances, such as oil and other wastes; contaminate or pollute the water, making it toxic. This causes diseases such as cholera, jaundice, diarrhoea. Contaminated water becomes a breeding place for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes spread diseases such as malaria, filaria and dengue. Examples for water pollution are that the water that we use for households chores, such as washing, breathing and cleaning usually goes to sewage treatment plants to be purified. This water is treated to remove dirt, food waste and a number of other...

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Uploaded by:   msnarayana

Date:   10/13/2012

Category:   Creative Writing

Length:   19 pages (4,252 words)

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