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Power Abuse in The Crucible

Power Abuse in The Crucible

Power can take many different forms and meanings in life. Often times, people have more power than could be imagined. Going against such people can result in them showing what they are truly capable of, whether it be hurting someone directly or manipulating others against him or her; it is dangerous to underestimate those who felt they have been wronged. In Arthur Miller’s play, The Crucible, a great example of this is displayed. The character of Abigail Williams holds more power than anyone else in the village, regardless of the fact she holds no place in political office or the court.

The first instance of Abigail’s power shows up at the end of act two, when she is heavily questioned about the activities in the woods. She starts out by answering the questions, but soon reveals that she will not go down alone. When Abigail is asked if she called the devil, she responds by saying, “I never called him! Tituba, Tituba…”. By saying this she has brought Parris’s servant into the equation and Tituba is now the focus of attention. Abby continues to say how Tituba asked her to drink blood and make a pact with the Devil. Everyone takes her word and questions Tituba more and more to get the answers they want to hear. Finally, she admits that she has seen the Devil, but does not want anything to do with him, because she knows he is evil. After this, Abby adds the final blow by saying, “I want the light of God, I want the sweet love of Jesus”. By doing this she has convinced everyone that she has no evil in her and that she loves God. This was a smart move on her part, because in those times if a person were to admit that they want and love God, they gain credibility. People who led a religious life were looked upon as good, wholesome people. Abigail then begins to call out people’s names, people she has “seen with the devil”. After her little speech about wanting to see the light of God everybody in the room had successfully been manipulated. She is obviously telling the truth since she just proclaimed her love for God and wants to inform the public of those...

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Power Abuse in The Crucible

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