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Psychological Aspects of Dreams

Psychological Aspects of Dreams

They are a gateway to another world and another place. Sometimes they are related to life and sometimes they are so out there they are unfathomable, but they are a part of everyone. Whether remembered or forgotten, everybody dreams. They are a chance to let go and let your mind run free. My dream was very random and strange, but was so intense my dream bordered on reality.

I am walking to my dorm. It is August, yet the air blowing is quite chilly. Why is the air so cold in this time of the year? I search for my ID card in order to get into my building. I walk into the building and head for the elevator. I walk up to the panel and push the up button, and wait for the elevator. Finally the elevator comes. I walk in and push the button for the fifth floor. As the elevator goes up, I impatiently wait to get off. The elevator finally stops and the doors slowly open. As I walk to what I believe is my door I see a young pregnant woman walking around the floor.

This woman keeps asking me whether or not I have seen her baby. I told her that I have not and I continue towards my room. As I walk down the barely lit hall I cannot find my room. I search and search, but my room is not here. I am going to sit in the common room and cry. Out of nowhere this man is coming towards me. Who is he? He has a shaved head, and he is talking to me. He kind of looks like my surgeon, from when I had my thumb surgery. He is talking to me, but it sounds mumbled. I cannot understand him. As I stand up, I realize that I am on the wrong floor. Then I wake up.

When I woke up I was so sure that this dream was real. I felt like I had been crying. My legs...

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Psychological Aspects of Dreams

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