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Rollin’ On Main Street

Rollin’ On Main Street

Last weekend, a couple friends and I took a road trip to Cincinnati. Here we saw many of our favorite bands perform during the evening on Main Street. Having never seen any of the artists’ play live before, we were all very thrilled to be in Cincinnati on that night. Not only was the music enough, but the atmosphere of a big city and the smell of funnel cakes made it that much better. The people, as well as the weather, couldn’t have been any nicer. Putting all of this together, you couldn’t have had a better night for dancin’.

“Rollin’ On Main Street” was a concert in the heart of downtown Cincinnati. The artist appearing varied from guitarist Jack Johnson to rap artists The Roots. A local radio station set up four stages, and each one had a different band playing on them constantly. The first stage we watched was being played on by one of my favorites, Jack Johnson. His music is smooth, but always with a catchy beat, and the crowd loved it. People all around me did not hesitate to dance as if no one was watching them, but I couldn’t blame them. Personally, I was caught up in the energy coming from the stage and couldn’t help but dance myself.

After a while of jamming from Jack Johnson, my friends and I decided to go and see John Meir perform on another stage nearby. Honestly I was looking forward to seeing the supposedly new talented musician, but only had all expectations ruined the second I laid my eyes on him. He came out on stage, hair gelled up and wearing a not so masculine headband. I stayed and laughed at him for about five minutes, and then decided to go back to the stage we had come from. Here, the old school hip-hop crew The Roots would perform.

The second I saw the stage I knew the concert would be exactly what I thought. Thousands of yelling fans dancing to the unique beats the DJ spun on stage. The show had more energy than a dog in a cage, and you could tell the MC’s new it. They were hoppin’ around the stage, getting the crowd to feel the music more. At the end of their set, one of the rappers made his own beats with his mouth,...

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Rollin’ On Main Street

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