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Sample Family Letters

Family Letters

Dear Jordan,

Hey, this is your roommate. You remember my last trip to Vegas a week ago? Yeah, well, I kind of got in over my head a little bit. I swear to you Jordan. I was up $500 at the blackjack table. Then out of nowhere I was losing all of my money. I had to hitchhike back Lubbock man. So, I am simply asking you for a mere $300 to get me back on my feet for the semester. I’m getting a job as soon as I can, and I’m going to work at least twenty hours a week. So I should be able to have the money back to you in no time. I just need it to pay my fraternity dues and get back into the game man. You know I would do the same thing for you if you ever needed it. I really do appreciate your friendship and you have become one of my best friends over the weeks. I am still not sure as to where it is that I would like to work though. I guess I’ll just work wherever they hire me. Because I need to get the money back to you as soon as possible. I take loans very seriously, especially when the money is one of my best friend’s. I’m going to the mall this weekend to look for a job. They are always hiring at the mall. So it should be every easy for me to get one there. I was really hoping to be able to get a job at sunglass hut. That way I could hook both of us up with some awesome deals on good sunglasses. Cause you know girls love guys in a nice pair of Oakley sunglasses.

In my growing years of maturity in college, I have learned that friends need to be there for each other. Not just being there in body, but also being there for one another in mind. I do feel that you have become one of my better friends since we have lived together last semester. And I just want to thank you for our friendship. But, enough of the cheese man. I’ll talk to you more about the money...

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Sample Family Letters

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