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Scene: All In A Summer's Day

Scene: All In A Summer's Day

"Margot?" someone said quietly. She was huddled in the corner with her face in her hands. She had missed it. The event that she had been waiting to happen for seven years was now over. No more would she get to see the sun, to feel its glow upon her. Tear faced and sorrow stricken, Margot slowly lifted her head to look at the kids that robbed her of the only joy she had left in her life. That was it. She could take no more of being treated inhumanly. For the first time, she detested these so called people as much as they hated her.

"How could you?" she screamed hysterically. "How could you take this away from me? It’s not fair! I didn’t do anything to you and yet still you all try to make my life miserable. What did I do to deserve to be treated like this?" They were all taken back. Never before had Margot stood up for herself. Never before had she said what she really felt. Never before had she raised her voice in any way. And now it was all happening right before their eyes.

This seemed to affect them in more ways then they could imagine. Normally, her pain was their delight, but not anymore. Now it was a vacuum, sweeping them of all the happiness and enchantment they felt of seeing the sun for the first time in 7 years. They all became little versions of Margot. Their confidence became insecurity. Their happiness became misery. Their normally full of words mouths became silent.

"S-s-s-orry Margot," they murmured pathetically.

"Sorry? You aren’t sorry! All of you are just self centered coldhearted human beings who care about only themselves. Since the first day I arrived here you have despised me and never gave me the light of day. And was I ever mean to you, did I ever say one mean word to any of you? No! I tolerated you and still thought that deep inside you there was some good. But now I can see I was wrong." As she said this, all of her insecurities, all of her sadness seemed to vanish and she was filled with anger, with rage.

The children just...

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Scene: All In A Summer's Day

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