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Scholarship Essay

Scholarship Essay

When I think of my Academic Goals I come to the subtle realization that I do not know or understand nearly as much as I would like to or have envisioned myself knowing. For some reason or another I have a desire to pursue not only a Bachelors degree with a minor but a Associate degree to go along with that. I would also like to get a graduate degree sometime during the future. I would also love to become fluent in another language yet I only think that could happen if I was immersed into a foreign culture. I have even pondered with the idea of joining the Peace Corps after I receive my Bachelors. By doing that I could be receiving my graduate degree concurrently while serving my time or just take the time off. One of my last goals will be to keep a G.P.A of 3.5 or higher in college

During my first couple of High school years I frequently found myself board and easily distracted from my required classes. Either because the material wasn’t that interesting to me or I couldn’t see how the analytical information correlated with actual real life examples. So I decided to explore some of the R.O.P.(Regional Occupation Programs) courses which not only sparked my interest in class but out of class also. I started to get better marks in my text book classes because I saw how the two intertwined. Through some of my R.O.P. courses I developed a interest in Business, Law and Criminology. I have always been fascinated with law ever since I was little. I even started to read the newspaper daily to see what going on across the world. With a stronger back ground in Law or Criminology I would be able to help or bring justice to those who are less fortunate.

Over My Senior year I have been involved in numerous volunteer organizations and events. I was a assistant youth girls soccer coach. Which really opened up my eyes to how different girls are from boys. They had a much different approach and attitude to the game. Currently I Volunteer at the Familia Center & The Satellite Homeless Shelter Project. The mission of the Familia Center is the establish a after school program to support local youths with their homework and encourage life-long learning. I’m in the process of helping a...

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Scholarship Essay

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