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Shakespeare's Use of Delight in his Literature

Shakespeare's Use of Delight in his Literature

Delight is definitely not the word I would use to describe my attempt to research and complete an essay on this word. In my search for interesting facts, or any facts at all, I could not find anything that was remotely interesting about it.

There are many poems, quotes, and articles that include delight, yet none of them are specifically on the topic of delight. There are many things that are joyful, yet this research paper was not.

I found that the word delight means “something that gives great pleasure or enjoyment”. Delight comes from the Middle English word “delit”, also Old French “delitier”. Which meant “a pleasure” (Webster).

There are many words that mean “to give great pleasure or enjoyment”. Some of them include delectation, enjoyment, joy, pleasure, happy, and like. Those are for the noun delight. Delight can also be used as a verb. Some synonyms of the verb are cheer, enchant, gladden, gratify, overjoy, please, pleasure, tickle, and adore. You can use any of these to replace delight.

The bible also uses delight many times. “A fool hath no delight in understanding, but that his heart may discover itself” (KJV Proverbs 18). I have no clue what that means because it doesn’t make any sense to me. If I had to guess as to what it is about then I would think that a fool, or someone that is not too bright, doesn’t enjoy or take pleasure in understanding life and hopefully his heart will help him to understand it.

Shakespeare, the king of all literature, or at least that is how I feel about how all through out high school teachers have portrayed him. He used the word delight in many of his plays but I decided to look into King Henry the VI. Cade is speaking to Buckingham and Clifford and says “But you are all recreants and dastards, and delight to live in slavery to the nobility” (Shakespeare 4.8). He is saying that Buckingham and Clifford enjoy taking orders from the king and they are his slaves. I did not read the whole play so I do not know this is exactly what he is saying, but from what I gathered Cade is a rebel and is fighting against King Henry VI and Clifford and Buckingham are...

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Shakespeare's Use of Delight in his Literature

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