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Story of Young Goodman Brown

Story of Young Goodman Brown

Goodman Brown stood there bewildered, as to what these holy men were doing in between the forest, where there was no church or place of worship. He began thinking of Faith, his wife, as deacon Gookin mentioned about a goodly young woman who was to attend the communion. He wondered if Faith would ever do such a thing as attend a communion of the evil. As he thought, the forest broke into all sorts of noise and Brown thought that it was of people talking. Trying to figure out whether he recognized any of those voices. Then he saw a group of people pass by along with a woman who seemed to resemble Faith. He was shocked.

Goodman Brown decided to spy on the group and find out what was going on. They were all dressed in black cloaks, so there was no doubt in Goodman Brown’s mind that they were heading for the communion about which deacon Gookin had been talking earlier. And somehow he felt that the lady being talked about at that point of time was Faith, his wife. As he followed them slyly he could notice that the people at the back of the group always checked to see whether anyone was following them. He could also hear those people chanting prayers as they went along. Suddenly, there was a big crackling noise and the group stopped, realizing that he had stepped on a bunch of dry twigs he hid in the bushes near by. He could see some men from the group coming towards him.

Goodman Brown froze with shock when he saw one of their faces, it was his neighbor. He sat in between the bushes motionless, trying not to draw any attention to his current place of hiding. After looking around the group of men joined the other people waiting, who had decided to wait for some time as they felt tired. Goodman Brown’s mind was racing in all possible direction trying to figure out a logical explanation as to why his wife was going to attend the communion, as by now he was sure that the lady was his wife. Finally, the group started out to complete the final leg of their journey. Goodman Brown just waited till he was sure that he could not be seen.

The sky was clear except for a few stars and clouds,...

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Story of Young Goodman Brown

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