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Story of the Heist

Story of the Heist

“Anthony, I’m so excited for you, twelve months down, twelve to go,” a woman says on the phone.

“Kari, this has been a long year. I miss you so much,” Anthony says.

Kari puts her hand on the glass divider and gives a long, loving stare into the eyes of Anthony, “So what are you doing first when you come home? Coming to my house and…” she cuts herself off with a big smile and wink.

“Going to your house and get the key to my case so I can get what I’m in here for. Then going back to your house and maybe let you decide the rest, Beautiful. You still have the key hidden away, right?” Anthony asks.

“Yeah, I’ve got the key. I forgot to tell you that Drew called the other day,” Kari says as she runs her fingers through her long black hair. “He just asked how I was doing and mentioned something about the briefcase.”

“The briefcase? What exactly did he say?” Anthony fiercely asks.

“I don’t know. He just said that it’s been a year, and he was thinking about everything and decided to call me,” Kari says as she leans in towards the glass.

“Well, what did you tell him?” Anthony asks.

“I told him that the cops took everything that had anything to do with you. I figured if I said that then he wouldn’t ask about anything else and leave me alone.”

“Your times up, Ma’am,” a low-pitched voice says from behind a red metal door.

“Okay Honey. I have to go. Just be careful and don’t get in trouble.” Kari wipes a tear from her left cheek and says, “I love you.”

“I love you too. Twelve months to go and I’ll be home. You be careful too,” Anthony says as he puts his hand to the glass. Kari raises her hand and presses it against the glass as if she was trying to push through it. A large policeman puts his hand on her shoulder to get Kari on her way. She slowly lowers her hand from the glass and again mouths the words, “I love you,” and then she is gone.

Kari’s dark skin shines from the recently applied...

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Story of the Heist

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