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Symbolism in The Red Convertible

Symbolism in "The Red Convertible"

“The Red Convertible” was a very interesting story of how one simple object as in a car can bring someone back to the reality in which they lived. The car was a symbol that related to many of the conflicts that where shown in this short story. In the beginning as they travel the states only to pick up a girl by the name of Suzy. Once they take her to her home they talk about how the family accepted them as their own, that it self was a memory that was made by the car. No, it did not have conflict but it was a symbol of life.

Once the story progress it begins to talk about Henry a character in the story being taken off to the war of Vietnam. As Henry leaves he gives the car to Lyman his younger brother and asks that he take care of it. This at first does not seem to be a problem until he returns home and is not the person that left. Lyman realizes that Henry doesn’t act the same, he doesn’t smile, or crack jokes, and not once has he taken a look at the car, which Lyman carefully took care of. At this point in the story Lyman goes in attempt to trash the car thinking that it will bring his brother back when he realizes what has happened. This is a symbol of where the car is used in the conflict.

As Henry finally notices the car he becomes angry and stays with it until it is fixed again. He is still not smiling, not joking, and not being the same brother that left. As Lyman waited for a chance Henry would want to be friendly he didn’t know how to deal with the loneliness his brother was displaying. Finally Henry asked to take the car out for a spin and Lyman glowed and accepted the invitation. After this trip in the car not a lot changed until a few months later when Henry wanted to see the river. As they loaded in the car Lyman began to understand Henry and some of what he was feeling but he couldn’t stand it so he acted upon his feeling toward Henry and they began to talk. Henry explained that...

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Symbolism in The Red Convertible

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