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The Definition of Life

The Definition of Life

The definition of Life is being alive, the ability to function and grow. I never thought about what life means to me.

We always act like we are going to live forever but we actually don’t know when it’s are last breath. About half our existence we plan what we are going to do in our life. We don’t live every day to the fullest. Are society is institution that is consist of all this planning and not taking pleasure in life.

When you are a child your parents create this protective shields for you. You are care free nothing on your minds just friends and adventures you had. This is the phase when you are so eager to start your day. This time when you are so full of life you see no restriction you only see possibilities and the word can’t is not in your vocabulary. You have so much ambition and dreams that fill your mind that you can’t retain it. When your parents said that is impossible you would say that you would be the first to do it. I think how child see life is how we should perceive life.

The change between child and adolescent is phase that can change your whole perception of life. The regulation and limitation start come into view and obstacles seem to be only thing ahead. As in plain words reality starts hitting you hard.

Every little childhood dreams seem to dissolve when social statues, requirements and money seem to be issues instead of your capability. You begin to lose faith in what you believe in and you’re in potentials. You stop dreaming at nights and losing that eagerness for life.

In adulthood you are already operate in the institute that has been established in society. That’s limits you in your ability and constructs a procedure. Instruction and guidelines seem to be only thing that contains our life and if we pursue these guiding principles does assure our security and our values. We live in institution that eliminate your dreams and turn you into a robot that only takes commands.

We live in society that you can’t fulfill your dreams and your bound of their short coming experience in life.

Society set a boundary around you, which limits your ability to achieve your dreams. If we take...

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The Definition of Life

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